Long Video vs. Short Video

Video production

Ok, so your company does a LOT of things superbly and you want to tell the whole world about it with a video. That’s a great idea!!

But, wait… If you do so many things it’s going to take a while to explain why you do all these things so superbly, right? Right. And, hence, the long video vs. short video dilemma!

Every type of video has its place. And every video has its own audience. But, you need to understand what YOUR audience wants. The most common mistake people make when planning promotional video is the length of the video(s). People’s attention spans are limited and when browsing the web there are distractions galore. So, you need to reel in your audience quickly, keep them entertained and then give them the hook quickly so that they make that next step to contact you.

We like to offer video packages for our clients where we produce 3-12 videos (often in one day) so that our clients (A) are able to acutely target their potential customers with video(s) dedicated to an individual product/service and (B) develop an arsenal of media that a company can use throughout the year or throughout their website/email campaigns/other marketing. 

Shorter, targeted videos are extremely effective and will help you show the world your superb-ability! Get a hold of us and let’s talk about the right package for you – 773 512 6110.