As business owners, managers, employees and consumers, our daily lives have been uprooted, and it’s a scary time for many people due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, it’s imperative to be a calm presence in the storm, to stay in contact, offer advice and tips, and importantly, to keep your eyes on the future ahead. This is why we are introducing SAFE SPACE VIDEO, a service by LANE Media & Productions.

“No-contact” production services

We are offering “no-contact” production services to help you concisely and effectively communicate with your audience and organization to keep them abreast of important information, promote services or products, stay front of mind or maybe just simply to send out a wellness check-in.

  • We have a skilled team of scriptwriters, graphics and animation artists, editors and a full stable of voiceover artists to create unique and engaging videos for your organization.
  • Our services include :15, :30, and :60+ animated and motion graphics videos to meet any of your objectives.

In addition, we can take photos or videos that you record on your own camera or phone and edit them to look beautiful, plus create custom animation/motion graphics, add sound effects and royalty free music to create a thoughtful and meaningful video for you to distribute.

"No-contact" production services to:

  • Uniquely and effectively communicate with your customers and employees
  • Send out important messages
  • Promote social good or let your audience know what you are doing to help your community
  • Promote services or products
  • Announce changes in operations or services
  • Create demo or explainer videos for your customers or employees
  • Record videos on your phone and have a professional service to elevate your content

Watch our first client video

Next Steps:

Contact us to set up an initial consultation, then from there we can either collaborate with you to write a script or one of our skilled script writers can write one for you.

We will audition multiple voiceover artists and send you a shortlist to choose from.

Once we receive the completed VO, we will create stunning motion graphics and animation, which will include custom logo animation, sound effects and we finish all videos with royalty free music.

We will send you a review link and offer up to two revisions.

We will deliver the digital file to you via Dropbox or any other file sharing-service. We can also help you upload to your preferred video sharing site, such as YouTube or Vimeo.


Every project is unique, but we can typically create motion graphics and animated videos within 4-7 business days. Editing your phone or camera videos can take as little as 1-2 business days.


We offer ultra-competitive pricing for high-end motion graphics, animation and self-recorded phone or camera editing. Every project is unique and is billed on the length, style and complexity of the project.


Time and time again they over-exceed my expectations and deliver a product that makes me proud to share with my clients.

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LANE Media & Productions is a video production company based in downtown Chicago and services clients all around the globe. Since 2010, we have created meaningful video content for some of the biggest brands on the planet and small-to-midsize businesses, alike. We maintain a commitment to create authentic and impactful content for our growing clientele.